About Kadi


Kadi Vija (b. 1985, FIN/EST) has a long background in vocal jazz improvisation and defines herself primarily as a vocal instrumentalist. Vija’s music explores sounds from modernism, jazz and electronics, as well as a deep fascination with rhythmic variety.

Vija channels stories from an unfamiliar language into melodies, sounds and ideas. In her music she aims to find a balance between being out of her comfort zone and feeling comfortable, and to do so with utmost sincerity.

Vija is known from her soft, widely resonating, crystal clear voice. Her impeccable voice control amazes the audience every time, while her minimalistic style of performing separates her from every other vocalist.

Vija studied in several globally leading institutions, such as the Berklee College of Music, the Sibelius Academy Jazz Department and the Conservatory van Amsterdam. While at these diverse schools she thoroughly explored jazz as an art-form with some of the world’s most eminent musicians.

Kadi Vija became widely recognised with Kadi Quartet, who won the Young Nordic Jazz Comets Finland in 2013. Kadi Quartet’s debut album Stories was released with the great  saxophonist Greg Osby’s record label Inner Circle Music.

Vija’s second album with Canadian pianist Lucas Dann presents compositions of Theolonious Monk in a traditional setting with an experimental presentation. This release has inspired further collaborations with the acclaimed Finnish pianist Seppo Kantonen. 

Additionally Vija has released a tribute cassette tape dedicated to Phoebe Buffay, known from the 90s cult classic Friends. Vija’s ability to perform them in a similar off-key manner as the originals has gathered a wide interest.

Kadi Vija’s current collaboration Kadi Vija Key Project was selected presenting Finland in Nordic Jazz Comets showcase and toured in Iceland, Sweden and Norway. The band has released two albums and perform some of Finland’s most finest festivals and clubs.

She is a refreshing, dynamic, thought-provoking, human nightingale with a sense of improvisational prowess that proves well beyond her years.

Jason Palmer

…Vija approaches the tune like an unadorned trumpeter…

John Gaddis




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