“My music gives the audience a journey into my thoughts, beliefs, values and history.” – Kadi Vija

Kadi Vija (b. 1985, EST/FIN) has a long background in vocal jazz improvisation and defines herself primarily as a vocal instrumentalist. Vija’s music explores sounds from modernism, jazz and electronics, as well as a deep fascination with rhythmic variety.

Vija channels stories from an unfamiliar language into melodies, sounds and ideas. In her music she aims to find a balance between being out of her comfort zone and feeling comfortable, and to do so with utmost sincerity.
Vija studied in several globally leading institutions, such as the Berklee College of Music, the Sibelius Academy Jazz Department and the Conservatory van Amsterdam. While at these diverse schools she thoroughly explored jazz as an art-form with some of the world’s most eminent musicians.

In addition to many performances in some of the most important jazz festivals in Finland and several prominent jazz competitions around Europe Vija’s most active band Kadi Quartet released their debut album Stories with the great saxophonist Greg Osby’s record label Inner Circle Music. Vija’s recent project includes a young Canadian pianist Lucas Dann. The duo released their debut album Ugly Beauty as the celebration of Thelonious Monks 100 year anniversary.

Yuri Honing:

An impeccable voice control combined with a chrystal clear voice produces a talent with a serious future.

Greg Osby:

The primary element that struck me immediately was the presence, energy and quality of her sound. Very rarely have I encountered a vocalist who has been able to develop such a personal and unique sound at such an early stage in their musical careers.

Jason Palmer:

She is a refreshing, dynamic, thought-provoking, human nightingale with a sense of improvisational prowess that proves well beyond her years.

Katri Kallionpää:
Kadi Vija is like a rare instrument.

John Gaddis:
…Vija approaches the tune like an unadorned trumpeter…

Róbert Maloschik:
A lady blessed with a special voice, singing so clearly that it is almost incredible, does so with no bending of any style…